1. Sales/Marketing Team

The sales team is comprised of a section of staff dedicated to selling our business’s product or service to customers.

As a whole, the sales team is responsible for meeting the growth goals of the company in terms of the sale of products, subscriptions, services.

2. Logistics Team

Their role involves organizing and scheduling the shipment of right products to each locations with an on-time support to valued customers & with good communication as well. They also ensure that the products are being delivered well to the right location and to the right costumers. In addition, Logistic Team are also involved in stock control, inspecting, monitoring, scheduling, shifting, and most importantly they also understand and are aware of the safety guidelines that involve logistics.

3. Store Managers

The Store Managers plan and direct the day-to-day operations of the store. Develop strategies to improve customer service, drive store sales, increase profitability, create store policies, and marketing programs that will increase sales and grow the existing customer base. Maintain high store standards and conditions and foster a positive environment.
Ensure customer needs are met, complaints are resolved and service is quick and efficient. Ensure all products and displays are merchandised effectively to maximize sales and profitability. Forecast staffing needs and develops a recruiting strategy to provide optimal staffing in all areas.

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